Artikel is a research-based clothing brand founded in 2017. We are investigating enduring clothing aesthetically and functionally out of our combined store and studio in Copenhagen. From here, we continually revise our entire process from pattern making to the final product to ensure a low environmental impact. We aspire to be an open, commercial platform for the development of enduring garments.

The proximity between store, design and production allows us to quickly review our design choices based on customer insights and internal evaluation.

Our foundation is our four base shapes A, B, C and D. From these, we develop styles individually to fit our permanent and flexible current collection. Instead of introducing entire new collections, we study the potential variations of each of the base shapes.

These variations are based on different functions, assembling techniques and durable materials. The availability depends on the styles we select to form our current collection, a selection we review and modify permanently. This flexible approach allows us to react to immediate demand while avoiding overproduction. We only stock one of each size per variation.

Producing locally also makes it feasible to perform garment life enhancements. This entails repairing, taking garments back and making custom adjustments.

The name Artikel refers to the unique article number we give every garment – every article of clothes counts.

Gustav and Malthe Risager in the studioArtikel København workshopArtikel København A7 process