We believe that creating a more sustainable future means slowing down the consumption cycle by creating truly great products that follow you through life. Our collection is not dependent on seasons and you will never find our products on sale. In other words, we want to move beyond trend-driven aesthetics. Our mission is to stay relevant for a lifetime.

We are driven by making clothing which reflects the production method, and have chosen to focus on the strength, relevance and the art in durable every day wear. We experience that the artistic approach often is connected to challenging showpieces on a catwalk. Nonetheless is experimental clothing very important to push norms and boundaries in clothing design, but we have chosen to turn it around and start with the need and the other way around. Fashion needs to be rethought in the way that we work and the way to run a company. That is the goal when we started Artikel.

Our design philosophy is driven by that we want to produce our clothes locally. By combining aesthetics and optimization, we strive to turn down the production time in order to work with beneficial cost, which makes it possible to produce in Copenhagen as one of the only brands here. The majority is sourced to other countries. We are therefor very focused with research on how to get an aestetic expression in clothing that is designed to be easy and fast to produce. We always look into if is possible to avoid folding, minimize pattern parts, make construction principles that makes it faster to produce an item, and in the same time maintain a personal expression.
Instead of making a new collection every 6 months we have chosen to work with the same 5 construction principles from when we started the company. Every pattern has its own basic function in everyday clothing: Jacket, Trousers, Skirt and Shirt, which we call A, B, C, D and E, and a few other letters. By combining our production store, we have a very direct proces to test our designs out very fast, and we therefor in a constant development with the same styles and ideas to make them better and better construction wise. It is a very organic process we have where we can focus on small details on our few styles instead of having a huge (uoverkommeligt) catalog. This organic process has branched our patterns in different directions with different purposes but with the same ground pattern. That is why we call our patterns A1, A2, A3 and B1, B2 and so forth. The letter indicates the ground pattern, and the number indicates the different branches. The following four letters on our styles indicates the fabric.

We source all our fabrics within the EU, except for some excellent jersey materials from Japan. They should be natural; we either have 100% pure wool or cotton. And they should be durable; we choose the materials that are a little more robust in the construction. One of our bestsellers is made from furniture fabric by the Danish furniture textile company Kvadrat. Kvadrats fabric reaches 100.000 on the measurement unit of durability called Martindale, which is 10 times higher than standard fabrics.