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Sankt Jørgens Allé 7, DK–1615
Phone (0045) 27208233

Clothing handmade in Copenhagen, Denmark. Made from carefully selected materials, crafted to meet the needs of everyday wear. 

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Handmade in Copenhagen

We produce all our items directly in our Copenhagen-based store. Managing our own production means that we can adjust our quantities to the demand, and make sure that every single piece will receive love from the end-user. This results in minimum waste and zero surplus stock.

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Carefully curated natural and durable materials

We source all our fabrics within the EU, except for some excellent materials from Japan. All our materials are natural; they are either 100% pure wool or cotton. For assuring durability, we choose materials that are robust and hardwearing in the construction. One of our bestsellers is made from furniture fabric by the Danish furniture textile company Kvadrat. The fabric reaches 100.000 on the measurement unit of durability called Martindale, which is 10 times higher than standard fabrics.

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One collection, no seasons: relevant for a lifetime

We believe that creating a more sustainable future means slowing down the consumption cycle by creating truly great products that follow you through life. Our collection is not dependent on seasons and you will never find our products on sale. In other words, we want to move beyond trend-driven aesthetics. Our mission is to stay relevant for a lifetime.

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