Sankt Jørgens Allé 7, DK–1615
Phone (0045) 27208233

Clothing handmade in Copenhagen, Denmark. It’s made from carefully selected materials, crafted to meet the needs of everyday wear. 

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The production takes place directly in the store. By producing locally we adjust the quantity according to the demand.

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Our textiles have to have at least one of three characters: organic, unusual or wear resistant.

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Each item comes with a exclusively unique ID number, which can be used to find detailed product information and care instructions

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We have optional custom measurements, allowing customers with all body types to be heard

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Founded by the family consisting of Helle Jørgensen, and the two brothers Gustav and Malthe Risager.
We're driven by the idea of clothing that follows your way through life. With that in mind, we created Artikel aiming to make clothing with an approach that's as honest as possible. We're rooted in our store, where we have hands-on production in the workshop.

Our goal is to design and produce timeless items that last in terms of durability as well as aesthetics.