Artikel + David Thulstup


A Limited Edition Collection

Introducing Transition, a limited-edition collection by architect and designer David Thulstrup and Artikel. Rooted in the need to constantly switch between formal and informal settings, Transition orchestrates new norms when it comes to work attire.

The collection takes point of departure in the traditional worker’s jacket and features four minimalist adaptions that vary in length, color, and material. Taking formal and informal scenarios as the guiding principle of how to dress, the jackets can be worn separately as stand-alone pieces or put together as a layered uniform. The combination of jackets will define the tone as being dressed up or relaxed, yet sophisticated.
“For me, the boundaries between work and free-time are blurred. In reality, there is no clear cut between the two. As I constantly find myself moving in and out of different settings during the course of a day, this collaboration is very personal to me. Meetings are followed by casual dinner parties - but since it is not in my nature to wear a suit or a blazer, I was lacking an alternative and versatile uniform that always makes me feel dressed appropriately”

- David Thulstrup