Artikel is a newly established high-quality everyday wear label.

Our garments are handmade in Copenhagen based on carefully chosen fabrics.

We do made-to-measure and dream of making clothes that last for a lifetime. 

Transparent production

We proudly produce each item with love and care locally in Copenhagen. By combining store and production space, our costumers get a unique insight. For us, it’s essential to have a personal attachment to your clothes. We want the clothes to follow our costumers throughout life - being able to witness the production and later get it repaired if it's needed. Today, too much clothes are thrown away instead of being fixed, this is against our philosophy. We have standard sizes in the stock, but small, medium and large does not necessarily correspond if you are taller or wider. That is why our made-to-measure concept allows customers with all body types or specific criteria to be heard. As a customer, we offer to archive your measurement under a personal profile in our pattern library.

Design philosophy

We only have one permanent collection. Our simple lines and aesthetics are inspired by architecture and furniture design.
The collection is constructed on different shapes that we number as A, B, C, D, E, F, G. Instead of making new collections every season, we explore and evolve each shape over time with various features, details, and fabrics. 

Curation of fabrics

One of our key focuses is to search for great fabrics. We handpick our fabrics based on several quality dogmas. The textiles has to have at least one of these three characters: organic,  interesting appeal or wear resistant. Mostly our textiles are manufactured in Europe. We always aim to find organic materials, but wear resistance is just as important to us. We for instance use furniture textile in our collection, because of long lasting visual appearance and quality. 

The general appreciation for clothes decreases once its on sale after a couple of weeks or months hanging in a shop. The conventional fashion industry focuses on creating clothes with a short life cycle, once given a red price tag, you are feeding a constant hunt for something new.

Every year the fashion industry discards millions of clothes and feeds the fast-fashion consumerism as the environmental cost increases. This is why we never have season sale our clothes. 

No sale. Always relevant.